Following Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed's resent public call, This campaign is organised to raise fund for building new schools, universities and support the education system in Ethiopia.

We have heard this kind of calls about Ethiopian education for many years, in forms of Aid, Charity, NGO, etc. But it's undeniable that this time it is different, why you may ask. because for the first time in history the unification, love and new and bright perceptions introduced and led by our Prime Minster has motivated every Ethiopian; that we can work together and better our selves, our family, neighbours, city, country, and I dare to say our continent Africa.

We all have come to undersand, education is the key to change our reality. Look at the positive infulence of our own Dr. Abiy Ahmed. Life without a real education is an illusion, there are so many children capable of achiving so much more if they only had the right education and wisdom to guide and facilitate them.

This is no longer just an idea but a very tangable and achievable goal. Let's create the best engineers to build our country, doctors who are specialised and really care to ther patients, inventors who can solve Ethiopians persistant problems, scientists who discover new findings from anatomy to our universe, historians to remind us of who we were,

Imagine what we can do with $1 a day.

Thank you





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Let's help creating the best Ethiopian engineers to build our country, doctors with care, inventors with ability to solve problems, scientists who discover new findings.

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