In a world of abondnce and luxury, there are still so many of our young brothers and sisters who have no shelter to rest their heads. As a result of this, many are expossed to mental and physical poverty along with sickness, abuse and depression; causing them to loose themselves and hinder them to visualise their future.

This is a huge problem to the people who are affected and Ethiopia itself.

For us, who are in a better position, we can change this "man made" social problem by contributing to eliminate homelesness. This is the smalles but most significent life changing expression of love and prosperity to our great nation we call Ethiopia.

It's time for change,

If we all really decide to act we can change our future, and there is nothing that can stop us! Let us unite financially, physically and emotionally to remove homelesness from our country once and for all.

The issue of homelessness is a subject that should not be seen lightly. We need to act swiftly and cut its roots from our society.

Thank you for your kindness, love and support.

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We need to act swiftly and cut Ethiopia's Homelessness from its roots in our society.

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